Eger Box Cup


This tournament wasn`t in our plans, but when we got a mail from the organizors about coming over to fight we said yes right away. They asked us to come to fight their boxers, and it was even fighters from other countries there. 

We ended the weekend with six rounds of sparring.... Not even close what we came for. The last three rounds of sparring was in a small boxing ring in the training arena, so they didn't even get into the competition ring. And in the first "fight" Sunniva didn`t know it was a sparring before in the first break. The judges got up and walked away just seconds before the fight started, so she didn`t understand it was sparring before the break... We asked the organizor just before the warm-up if they could confirm if it was a sparring or a fight, and they confirmed it was a fight.....

Coach Ole had some discussions with the organizer, but what does it help. In the end we just had to laugh about the whole situation.

Sunnivas friend and national team colleague, Ahadi Lukungu, had two fights with two wins! We are so happy for you! Ahadi got the price for best female boxer, and Sunniva got for "the best fight.....".....:p 

Thanks to;
Byggmester Hofstad
Hofstad VVS