Sunniva has a few sponsors that contributes financially to make her "impossible" journey possible. 

She is writing history "as we speak": 

  • She was the first Norwegian Youth (boys/ girls) to become Europan Champion - and she did it twice (!)
  • November 2022 she became the first World Youth Champion from Norway. 
  • June 2023 she can be the first female Norwegian boxer to qualify for the Olympic Games

If you get excited over this and want to be a member of our team; Please do not hesistate to take contact!  

Trøndelag Kraft

  • The power supplier in our region of Norway, Trøndelag Kraft, has been a sponsor since Sunniva was 14 years old. 
  • Sunniva is used in various campaigns under the slogan "Punch Power". 

Byggmester Hofstad AS and

Hofstad VVS AS

  • Local Construction company and Plumber company, both owned by Sunnivas father, Roy Hofstad

Mom & Dad

  • Roy Hofstad: over 20 years of experience as contractor, entrepreneur, manager and real estate developer
  • Laila Kristjansson; over 20 years of experience as business lawyer. President of B-30 Boxing Club and Boxing Region North, as well as Board Member of the Norwegian Boxing Federation