Gold in Tammer Tournament


Sunniva secured a gold medal in the Tammer tournament in Finland this weekend. A super and traditional tournament with a long history. Mike Tyson and Oscar De La Hoya is just two of many great boxers winning the tournament throughout history.

After two great fights she got the gold medal and she was also crowned as the best technical boxer overall. A great achievment by Sunniva who really showed her self from her best side.

In the semifinal she boxed against Chantelle Reid from England. Reid beat Gabriele Stonkute in her first fight, so we were prepared for a tough fight. Sunniva followed our plan to the point and won the fight 5-0. Sunniva had great attacks both to the head and body and she took high confidence into the final.

In the final Sunniva met Cindy Ngamba who trains with team GB, but represent the refugee team. We saw her make big trouble for european champ Aofie O`Rourke in European Games this summer, so we knew it was going to be a tough match.
Sunniva started the fight on the best way. Landing the big shots and ruled the match. 4-1 to Sunniva in the first round. In the second round Cindy came back in the game and really put a lot of pressure on Sunniva. The tables was turned and the round went 4-1 for Cindy.
In the third round Sunniva changed her tactics and took back the lead in the fight. The end of the round was fabulous. Third round ended 4-1 and Sunniva could claim her gold medal.

She even got the prize as the best technical boxer overall.

Thanks to the whole team for a great tourament! High team spirit!

Byggmester Hofstad
Hofstad VVS
Olympiatoppen M-N