Norwegian champion!


Sunniva became sick the two last days in Strandja and didn`t have the gloves on for almost ten days after coming home. But she felt fine three days before take-off to Oslo and the norwegian championship so we decided to give it a try. 

We only had one girl in the class, as we choosed to go up to the 81kg category just for this championship. Sunniva met Michelle Heimdal from Ulf-an in her final, and won a controlled 5-0 victory. Sunniva made a good performance and secured yet another title. She also got a trophy as the best boxer! 

We congratulate Madeleine Angelsen on the most prestigious trophy, the King`s trophy in the womans class, and Martin Skogheim for the men. 

Thanks to Eline, Helene, Martine and Dennis for a great tournament and trip togheter! 

Thanks to Olympiatoppen M-N, TrøndelagKraft and Byggmester Hofstad for all support.