Ready for finals!


Ready for the final after a clear victory 

Sunniva was finally back in the ring after a long summer holiday. In fact the longest period without training ever. Last season was long, so it was absolutely necessary to recharge the batteries. We had a few weeks of training before we went here to Silesian Cup in Poland, but Sunniva is in good shape, so we had high hopes on good performances. 

After a win on stoppage in the quarter final we met the home favorite Ela Wojcik. They also met in the olympic qualify in june, and then Wojcik won on a split. We had learned our lesson and had a good plan how to win. 

It was an even first round that we thought we won, but it went 2-1 to Poland. But ok, we sticked to the plan and Sunniva just was the better one yesterday. With high speed and a lot of punches she won the last two rounds. A great win for Sunniva that has lost a few matches on a split lately. She is taking small steps all the way, and yesterday just confirmed that. 

Today Sunniva is boxing against Oliwia Toborek, also from Poland. A new strong polish opponent. 

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