Ready for Strandja


After a great debut in the Elite category last week, in the Golden Girl Championship, we needed some sparring before going to Strandja this Saturday. It`s not easy to get good sparring, and sometimes it feels extra hard when you really need it... 

But luckily we got some good friends out there, people who always helps us out whenever we ask. We sent Liam Brereton a message a few weeks ago if he knew someone who would come to Norway for sparring. After just some minutes he came up with a name, and the day after tickets and everything was ready. Thursday Liam and Bethany Doocey came for four days of sparring with Sunniva. And we are very grateful for all the help Liam have given us up over the years!

On Thursday we did four rounds of sparring. Bethany had a long journey so we took it easy. On Friday Sindre from Olympiatoppen Midt-Norge took us through a good session of strength training, and in the afternoon we did six rounds of sparring with high tempo. On Saturday Sunniva`s club "B-30" had some boxing matches on the program, so Sunniva and Bethany had the honour to start it all with three rounds with sparring. It was a really good sparring with high tempo and many power shots. The audience liked what they saw. On Sunday they ended the sparringcamp with four runds of boxing. 

Sunniva got a total of 17 rounds of great sparring with a strong opponent. Thanks a lot for taking your time coming to Norway!

Now we are looking forward to one of the best tournaments in the world, Strandja in Bulgaria. We are ready!

Smiling between the rounds
Smiling between the rounds