So close...


Sunniva was this close to beat the silver medalist from the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. After a very strong third round, and even a standing count in the end of the round, we were sure that it was enough to win the fight. But as you can see one judge saw something different than the four others.. But that doesn`t really matter today. What the judges see and don`t see is out of our hands. The best boxer yesterday was Sunniva, and that proves she is already on the highest level.

For a long time we have been waiting to box Elite boxing. And finally Sunniva is old enough to do so. We got a though draw in our first international tournament, but that`s what we have been waiting for. Meet the best boxers in the world! Sunniva boxed her own boxing yesterday. No respect, just doing her thing. Hands up, hands down, hitting up and down and moving around her Chinese opponent. Now we know what we have to better next time, to be even more superior so none of the judges sees something different. 

We were dissapointed for ten minutes yesterday, but since then all i have seen is a big smile in Sunnivas face. The performance is more important than the result right now. 

Tomorrow we will be sparring with China and Azerbaijan

Thanks for all support!