World Boxing - Sheffield


We are home again after six days in Sheffield, England. World Boxing is up and running and boxers from all continents participated. In Sunnivas class it was boxers from Norway, Sweden, England, Germany, Nigeria, French Polynesia, Germany, Refugee Team and Panama. The latter became our opponent.

Athenya Bylon from Panama is now ready for her third Olympics. And it became a tough battle where Panama was the one to go through to the next round. Sunniva was fearless in all three rounds, and she won the first of them 3-2. In the second round the referee pulled one point off Sunniva. And it is still hard to understand what he punished her for. Anyways, it is what it is, on the scorecard we didn`t get enough points this time. Panama went all the way to the final where she lost against Cindy Ngamba. Congratulations to both. 

The rest of the week we cheered on our teammates and had good rounds of sparring with Patricia Mbata from Nigeria. 

Next up is Golden Girl in Sweden, then the Olympic qualifiers!